About Us

MHG Consulting is an outsourced sales and consulting firm located in White Plains, New York. We are contracted by fortune 500 clients to acquire and retain business accounts. In our contract agreement, our clients expect a professional point of sale and understand the value of building relationships with their target customers. At MHG we utilize a face to face approach to help sell their services and increase brand exposure.  We believe a personal and live presentation is the most effective way to capture the attention of various businesses.

MHG believes a firm handshake will help


At MHG Consulting, we believe that a smile and firm handshake can lead to strong long lasting business relationships. Once a business relationship is established, a customer can feel a sense of loyalty and satisfaction of the services provided. We allow our clients to focus their efforts towards branding and product development, while we focus on acquisition and retention of customers. Our numbers prove that our clients can depend on us to bring them quality customers that will continue to use their services for years to come.

MHG helps clients and employees with growth


In addition to helping our clients increase their market share, MHG helps small sales firms establish themselves in their respective markets. As we build businesses in various markets, MHG Consulting serves as the premier consulting group for these companies as they start up and continue to progress. MHG helps kick-start businesses through industry training, education, and funding.