MHG Consulting  Job PositionsBy building a career at MHG Consulting, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry. You’ll have numerous opportunities for growth and advancement in positions that will help shape your future. Our corporate structure is designed to give our employees the tools they need to run successful companies.

The Account Representative is an entry level sales and marketing position geared towards customer acquisition and retention. The Account Representative learns the basic facets of our business as well as the mastery of face-to-face communication and public speaking.

The Account Executive is a leadership position geared towards campaign management and team development. The account executive is responsible for the coaching and mentoring of their team as well contributing in the realm of business development. The Account Executive will also have several travel opportunities in order to network and expand their education in the business and managerial aspect of our company.

The Social Media and Brand Manager is a position solely focused on keeping our company website, blog  and social media accounts up to date.  The brand manager has the opportunity to interview our top employees who have received awards and acknowledgments for their hard work.

Our Human Resources department is responsible for helping the management with first round screenings as well as recruitment.  HR handles emails from incoming employees and interviewees and the paper work that is necessary for these people.

For more information about these positions as well as others, feel free to contact our Human Resource Department.