MHG Consulting InitiativesRemaining attractive to our clients is a product of our ability to expand into new markets rapidly and offer the same results as our flagship office in White Plains, NY. As a result of our clients’ increased exposure, we look to grow and expand our organization.

We have several core initiatives in which we look to drive our growth.

Our first growth initiative is global expansion. MHG Consulting looks to be the pioneering firm to internationally expand into European and South American markets. By duplicating our development program, we aim to be the global leader in outsourced sales and marketing.

Our second growth initiative is in the retail market. The sale of technology services and advanced products continues to be an ongoing struggle of retail giants. There is currently no strategic approach to tap into the vast potential of that market. We aim to be a preferred vendor to the retail industry leaders and offer expertise.

The third growth initiative comes in the form of residual revenue. Representing mid-market clients that offer services in which override residual income can be earned. Typically, these clients want a more firm contract negotiated, so we look to capitalize on our abilities to do so.

Our fourth growth initiative is our involvement in the clean energy space. We are in a pilot stage of representing a premier solar energy company to increase their customer base. By both preserving our environment and helping reduce the cost of energy for a consumer, we can look to make a positive impact on our planet.

In order to ensure we experience extensive growth in all areas, we are incentivized by our clients.

Through brokered deals with our clients, we can earn additional financial backing and gain more traction. Our organization provides lucrative launch bonuses for expansion, and even a three million dollar split pot bonus for excellent performance in our new markets. With clear goals in mind in these four areas of growth, and with great help along the way, we are confident in the abilities of our organization to capitalize.