Stephanie Bankoussou brought a flavor to the office that was undeniable!  Perhaps it was the baguettes and brie cheese she so descriptively told us about as we drooled in jealousy.  Stephanie, originally from Paris, France, joined MHG for an internship for a little under a year.  Aside from broadening her travel experience, Stephanie was also given a chance to develop her communication skills as well as transition her mindset into that of a manager.  She so graciously took the time to document her stay with MHG and give us all a taste of what studying abroad was really like!

Stephanie Bankoussou's Internship

“After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the Paris East University in France, I started looking for an internship in New York because the Big Apple has an attraction for its rich culture and is internationally recognized as a Hub for business.

After sending numerous applications, I finally was hired for a 10 month internship at MHG Consulting in White Plains, NY.

As a French native, it was my first work experience abroad. More than a basic internship, MHG gave me the chance to have a position in the company where I would have the same compensation and advancement opportunities as the other employees. Being developed in an exciting and high performing level job, enabled me to grow as a person, develop myself well with others, and gain communication and management skills. Step by step I’ve turned my previous employee way of thinking into a managerial mindset.

Thanks to MHG I’ve been 100% immersed into the American culture and work ethics: by attending team nights, enjoying all the best that New York city has to offer with my co-workers, being involved in community actions, and traveling and networking through business trips. I’ve worked at a company whose main values are integrity, effort and recognition.


Through this experience, the quote that I kept in mind is “ordinary people with commitment can do extraordinary accomplishments on their world”

Today, I have managed to build a valuable network of colleagues and have the necessary professional references to move forward into a future position when I go back to my country.

This awesome life experience just went far beyond all my expectations and will be with me forever. I’m grateful for the management, they showed me great examples of leadership as well as my co-workers who all contributed to my experience to be a greater and more skilled individual.”

We miss you Stephanie and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!  Hopefully one day we’ll all get a chance to visit Paris to get a taste of those fresh baguettes and brie cheese!

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